Examples of desirable building designs achieve the following:

  • Emphasize diversity in design
  • Build off existing neighborhood aesthetic
  • Attention to detail and craftsmanship
  • Activate walkable streets on main thoroughfares with ground floor commercial

Examples of Preferred Architecture

Brownstone and Greystone Buildings

  • Attention to detail with stone accents
  • Brown/red colored brick



Woodframe Two Flats

  • Detailed Trim
  • Bay window(s)
  • Front porch



Workers Cottages (Wood or Brick Single Family Homes)

  • Detailed Trim
  • Bay window(s)
  • Front porch



Brick Bungalow Single Family Homes

  • Single story
  • Dormer at front


Development Checklist

The following checklist will assist owners and developers in preparation for their zoning review in Avondale. After initial review the committee may request an on site meeting to review the proposal with the developing team.

Download the PDF Checklist