Address: 3654-56 West Belmont Avenue (polish radio site)
Ward: 30
Current zoning: B1-1
Proposed zoning:B3-3
Height:  4 stories
Units: 9 over retail/parking
Own or Rent:  rental
Proposed Price: $2,500/month 3 bed, $2,000/month 2 bed, no affordable units are provided
Parking:  39 spaces (one per unit)
Status:  community meeting was held on August 8, 2019 at 6:00 PM at Sleeping Village
Residents who could not attend this meeting may still provide input via a phone call 773-794-3095 or an email to the 30th Ward Alderman, at until August 17, 2019.
notable community concerns heard at this meeting include: no affordable housing being provided, the building does not fit in with the neighborhood, residents requested more detail on the building to better fit in the neighborhood.