Purpose: We are a non-profit, non-partisan organization unifying the Avondale community by preserving history, embracing diversity, and connecting neighbors.

  1.  Summary of April Meeting

  2.  Treasury Report

  3.  Upcoming Events

Community Events:

6/2 Pet Extravaganza at the Parking Lot of Federico Garcia Lorca Elementary School  (3231 N. Springfield Ave; 10am-1pm)

6/10 33rd Ward 3.3 Mile Walk & Run at Roosevelt High School Parking Lot (3436 W. Wilson Ave; 9:30am–10:30am)

6/18 Bike Light Giveaway by the Chicago Bike Ambassadors at Brands Park (3259 N. Elston Ave; 8pm-9pm)

6/18 ANA June  Meeting at St. Hyacinth Basilica’s  Resurrection Hall (7pm)

  1. Committee Updates

ANA now has flyers! In our attempt to reach more Avondale residents, we now have flyers that inform residents what ANA is all about–and we need your help in spreading the word!  If you are interested in being a volunteer to distribute flyers, please visit us at at our upcoming meeting, message us on Facebook, or email us at avondale.unite@gmail.com, and we will find the best time to meet with you. If you are wondering what places to visit and how to best distribute, ANA has you covered! Volunteers will also be given a handout with more information and suggestions on how to best distribute flyers. Please note that each flyer is also available in Spanish and Polish, so if you or someone you know might be interested, please contact us through any of the methods mentioned above.

Michael Snedeker, executive director of the Coalition to Save Our Mental Health Centers, also stopped by to speak on behalf of the organization’s plans in building a mental health center that would serve the Logan Square, Hermosa Park, and Avondale area. Their first goal is to collect 2,600 signatures by August 5th to put a referendum on the ballot that would ask residents if they would allow a small property tax increase that would fund a new mental health clinic. For those interested in collecting signatures, there will be a public meeting held on Tuesday, June 5th at First Lutheran Church (3500 W. Fullerton Ave) at 8:30 pm. Please stop by and find out how you can support their efforts!

  1. Zoning

The building located at 3214 N. Francisco Ave has been proposed to become a six unit building. There have been no oppositions to its construction.

  1. Presentation: Lynna Basa of The Corner Project

Chicago based artist Lynn Basa introduced the Corner Project, a plan to revitalize three blocks on Milwaukee Avenue in the Avondale neighborhood. In response to the decline of growth on Milwaukee Ave; the growing presence of gentrification; and the lack of communication between  cultural and community organizations; the Corner project was founded in order to create a more unified community. Working alongside the community between Kimball and Central Park–consisting of artists, urban planners, businesses, property owners, elected officials, social and cultural community organizations, and others–the Corner Project seeks to revitalize Milwaukee Avenue, and create a stronger community bond.

In 2017, The Corner Project helped form the Milwaukee Avenue Stakeholders Alliance (MASA), a property and business owners alliance to represent the community’s interest. The Corner Project was also recently awarded a grant by LSNA through the Logan Square Chamber to  subsidize 8′ banners for all 35 light poles on the three blocks along Milwaukee Ave. These banners were designed by Lynn Basa that reads “Avondale” along the logo of a local business and butterfly images drawn from Basa’s paintings. The banners are a symbol of migration and community. For more information, please visit The Corner Project website. ANA will continue to support community efforts  and we hope you will join us as well.

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