Purpose: We are a non-profit, non-partisan organization unifying the Avondale community by preserving history, embracing diversity, and connecting neighbors.

  1.  Summary of May Meeting

  2.  Treasury Report

  3. Upcoming Events

Community Events:

6/23 2018 Serve-a-thon at Schurz High School (9am-3:30pm)

Sign up at: https://event.chicagocares.org/opportunity/a0CA000000qTAod

6/30 Yoga Class and Nutrition Workshop at Linne Elementary School’s gym (3221 N Sacramento Ave; 10am-12pm)

7/16 ANA July  Meeting at St. Hyacinth Basilica’s  Resurrection Hall (7-8pm)

  1. Committee Updates

We are proud to introduce our new Treasurer Zoby Soto. Zoby has been a resident of Avondale for some time, and we are happy to have her serve on the ANA board. On June 20th, ANA also had a meeting with the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) to discuss the Belmont Blue Line renovation. We are communicating with the CTA in respect to signage, proximity issues, ride share drop-offs, and other concerns the community has expressed. If you have any questions or would like to learn more, please do not hesitate to email us, message us on Facebook, or visit us at our upcoming meeting. We want to ensure that all community members have an equal opportunity to voice their concerns.







We are also happy to introduce our first summer workshop! Please join us Saturday, June 30th for our Beginner’s Yoga and Nutrition Workshop from 10am-12pm at Linne Elementary School’s gymnasium. The workshop is free for those ages eight and older and will be available in English and Spanish.

  1. Zoning:

Want to learn more about zoning? Please stay tuned for a new website where residents will be able to learn more about zoning projects in the area.

6. Presentation:

ANA also welcomed 33rd Ward Aldermanic candidate Rossana Rodriguez-Sanchez to speak about her vision for the 33rd Ward. As en educator, activist, and community member, Rossana spoke about community issues in regards to education, immigration,  employment, foreclosures & evictions, among others and why they are important issues an alderman should address. Rossana is the founder of the 33rd Ward Working Families and works alongside the organization to address community issues in the 33rd Ward. Rossana is up for the 33rd Ward Aldermanic seat against Ald.Deb Mell for the upcoming 2019 Chicago aldermanic election.

To the view the full presentation,  please visit our Youtube channel.

Please also note that ANA remains a non-partisan organization and does not endorse any candidates. All candidates, however, are allowed a space to speak to residents about community issues.

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