Purpose: We are a non-profit, non-partisan organization unifying the Avondale community by preserving history, embracing diversity, and connecting neighbors.

  1.  Summary of June Meeting

  2.  Treasury Report

  3. Upcoming Events


Community Events:

7/18 7:00 – 8:00 PM 17th District Beats 1722/1723 at the 17th District Community Room (4650 N. Pulaski Ave; 7-8PM )

7/25 Transportation Action Committee (TAC) Meeting at Montrose Saloon (2933 W. Montrose; 6:30PM)

8/9 CTA Belmont Blue Line Renovation begins (More information to come.)

8/20 ANA August Meeting at St. Hyacinth Basilica’s  Resurrection Hall (7-8pm)

8/25 2nd Annual 33rd Ward Community Bike Ride at Horner Park Fieldhouse (2741 W Montrose; 11AM-1PM)

  1. Committee Updates

  2. Zoning

There have been three proposed zoning projects in July so far*:

3124 N. Central Park-3 floors/3 Units building

2913 W. Belmont- 4 stories, 6 units, ground floor commercial building

3122 W. Diversey-4 stories, 8 unit condos to be sold for an estimated $400k

*Meetings are yet scheduled to be held for these projects.

  1. Presentation

Linne Elementary’s Culinary Program was introduced by the Secretary of Friends of Carl Von Linne, Erika Tuttle, to inform Avondale parents and residents about the school’s program. The program recognizes the importance of teaching students nutrition and cooking skills, and the hopes that it will enable them to make healthier lifestyle choices. In order to deliver these skills to its students, the program currently seeks a part-time culinary instructor. The position requires someone with a culinary background and experience working with children. If you or anyone might be interested, please contact Erika Tuttle at liltut@gmail.com, or to learn more about the position.

Sara Shaw, Local School Council (LSC) member, also informed us for the need of two community members to be part of the LSC for Schurz High School.  Local School Councils are responsible for approving how school funds and resources are allocated, developing and monitoring the annual School Improvement Plan, and evaluating and selecting the school’s principal. It is composed of parents, teachers, school’s principal, student representative, a non-teacher staff, and community members. If you or anyone might be interested in being a part of the LSC as a community member, please reach out to Sara Shaw at sara4schurz@gmail.com, or to request more information.

ANA is also communicating with the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) regarding the Belmont Blue Line renovation scheduled to begin August 9th. We will post any information as soon as we hear new details. However, if you have any questions or concerns about the renovation, please feel free to reach out to us at avondale.unite@gmail.com, or on Facebook. We want to ensure that every Avondale resident is well informed and able to voice their concerns.

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