Purpose: We are a non-profit, non-partisan organization that represents the common interest of the community members with regard to community development, preservation of diversity, and enhancement of quality of life and safety.

  1.  Summary of November Meeting

  2.  Treasury Report

  3.  Upcoming Events

Community Events

1/21 Avondale Winter Social at Beer Temple  (4pm-6pm) presented by the gardening alliance .

1/27 Coffee and Open Play at Concordia Place (10am-12pm)

2/24 Avondale School Forum at Concordia Place (10am-12pm)

  1. Updates

Meeting with the 33rd ward: Jesse and Daisy had a meeting with the alderman and discussed zoning along with Chad Buch from our zoning committee. Some projects have been delayed (N. Albany) and Ace, which suggests that proposals might take longer now.

Belmont/Kedzie Underpass: On January 3rd, the City of Chicago crews threw away the belongings of the people that reside underneath the Belmont and Kedzie underpass. Alderman Rosa released a statement this weekend stating his office was not notified, and was issued by the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT).  Sanitation Commissioner John Tully  has assured Alderman Rosa that there will be not be more “cleanings” at the Belmont and Kedzie underpass for the remainder of the cold weather, his office will have advance notice of cleanings ordered by IDOT.

Social & Educational Events led by Moises and Daisy will aim to build and establish relationships with neighbors. This may include workshops ranging from different topics to educate and inform neighbors on issues that might be central to them, or their neighbors.

Outreach and Community Plan led by Jesse, Chad, and Diana will have a goal in reaching out to neighbors to collect feedback from neighbors. This may include attending public events in the community, conducting surveys, setting up flyers, etc.

For those interested in volunteering are encouraged to email us at: avondale.unite@gmail.com

  1. Zoning

Architect students from the Illinois Institute of Technology are currently working on a project involving Avondale. Students are working on designing a plan for the community that would serve as a model for the future of Avondale. More updates to come.

An “Improving Milwaukee Ave” meeting presented by The Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) will be held at Logandale Middle School on January 30th from 5:30-8 p.m. to discuss improvements to Milwaukee Avenue from Logan Square to Belmont Ave. Those interested are encouraged to attend as CDOT will be seeking public input on traffic and safety improvements.

PNC meeting- A meeting took place to discuss PNC’s proposal to remove their bank building at 3844 West Belmont and replace it with a drive-thru ATM. Per the meeting, the building is likely to be knocked down.

  1. Presentation: JB Pritzker

Two representatives from the JB Pritzker campaign came to the meeting to take questions from the public regarding the 2018 Illinois Governor race. Topics included gentrification, the creation of jobs, social programs, income tax, and healthcare. For those interested in more information are welcome to visit the JB Pritzker campaign office at 4418 W Diversey Ave.




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  1. Teresa Torres Reply

    I am for the cleanings of the Belmont and Kedzie underpass. It is unsafe to allow people to camp in that section. The alderman should work to provide safe affordable housing or resources to get those people back on their feet.

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