Purpose: We are a non-profit, non-partisan organization that represents the common interest of the community members with regard to community development, preservation of diversity, and enhancement of quality of life and safety.

  1.  Summary of November Meeting

  2.  Treasury Report

  3.  Upcoming Events

2/24 Avondale School Forum at Concordia Place (10am-12pm)

3/4 Spring Seed Swap at Metropolitan Brewing (4-6pm)

3/4 Coffee and Open Play at Concordia Place (10am-12pm)

3/4 Family Movie Night at Schurz High School (5:30-8pm)

3/19 ANA Monthly Meeting

  1. Committee Updates

  2. Zoning

Construction started on the PNC Bank parking lot at 3844 West Belmont Ave. In response, efforts are being made to try and put a lot in or try to sell the land, so it is not an open lot.

The opportunity for students from the Illinois Institute of Technology to get involved in a community project for Avondale is still in the works.

Brighton Park Neighborhood Council and Logan Square Neighborhood Association have filed a lawsuit against Cook County Assessor Joseph Berrios for overassessing low-priced residential properties and underassesing high-priced properties that contribute to inequalities in property taxes along racial lines. In response, Avondale residents have received notices that encourage them to check that their properties have been properly assessed. We encourage all Avondale property owners to be aware of their assessments and taxes and to participate in the Cook County Assessor’s Election on March 20th.

On February 14th, ANA was informed that trees along Central Park Ave were damaged by machinery. Neighbors were encouraged to contact Alderman Reboyras and Alderman Rosa as there are laws that prohibit gas companies from damaging trees.

A digital billboard is set to be built at 3158 N. Sawyer Ave, on the parkway behind XSport Fitness. The billboard is part of a 2012 agreement to build certain amount of billboards to be put along the highways. Residents have contacted Alderman Deb Mell in opposition to the billboard as it would affect residents in the neighborhood in terms of safety and electricity costs.

  1. Presentation: Hermosa Neighborhood Association

The President and Vice President of the Hermosa Neighborhood Association (HNA) were invited to talk about community organizing. Founded in 2014, HNA has been a force in the Hermosa neighborhood that has responded to social changes affecting the community. ANA looks forward to learning and working with HNA on future projects!

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