Purpose: We are a non-profit, non-partisan organization unifying the Avondale community by preserving history, embracing diversity, and connecting neighbors.

  1.  Summary of March Meeting

  2.  Treasury Report

  3. Upcoming Events

Community Events:

4/18 LSC Elementary School Elections (see each school for candidates and details)

4/19 LSC High school Elections (see each school for candidates and details)

4/21 Avondale Clean & Green at Concordia on Whipple (3300 N. Whipple; 9:30am-12pm. Volunteers needed!)

4/27 Celebrate Brentano: Second Annual Silent Auction at Avondale Tap (6pm-9pm) $20 ticket includes food and drinks.

5/12 Cradles to Crayons at the Giving Factory (4141 W George St; 10am)

registration code: a0RC000000VYIK2

5/12 Save Our Mental Health Centers Signature Drive Kickoff at

Armitage Baptist Church (2451 N Kedzie Blvd; 9:30am-11am)

5/16 Schurz Book Sale at Schurz High School (10am)

5/21 ANA May Meeting at St. Hyacinth Basilica’s  Resurrection Hall (7pm)

  1. Committee Updates

The Coalition to Save Our Mental Health Centers is a Chicago community organization that aims to make mental healthcare accessible and affordable ​for all Chicagoans. Along with the Logan Square Neighborhood Association, the Coalition is launching a campaign for a new mental health center to serve Logan Square, Hermosa, and Avondale. The Coalition would use an Expanded Mental Health Services Program (EMHSP)— a community-centered model of mental healthcare that would give residents the authority to fund and oversee local mental health services. The first aim of the Coalition is to organize community members to collect signatures to put the referendum on the ballot. The referendum on the ballot, however, would ask residents if they would allow a small property tax increase that would fund a new mental health clinic. If community members approve, then the Coalition will conduct voter education and develop the program, which would result in a new mental health center that is funded overseen by the community. There will be a Signature Kickoff event held on May 12th. For more information, click here.

We also have a new text message system! As a community organization, we are always looking for new and easier ways to keep in touch with you. Text us your questions or concerns at (312) 884-9221. If there are other ways we can get in touch with you, please let us know. We are always looking to improve our means of communication.

  1. Zoning

The owner at 3001 N. Sawyer was allowed a curb cut due to the lack of an alley.

Alderman Rosa insisted that the new driveway be less steep for safety reasons.

The Transit-oriented development (TOD) at 3001 N. Kedzie is 3 buildings with 12 units.  Alderman Rosa has urged for more onsite parking before this will gets approved.

Regarding the property at 3253 N Elston, Alderman Mell helped the developers obtain an easement in Brands Park to avoid a curb cut.

Mitch, our board director and zoning committee member, is finishing up a website that will enable the public to learn more about developments in the area.

  1. Presentation: LSC Candidates

We also heard from Local School Council (LSC) candidates Sarah Shaw (Schurz High school) and Lucia Marker-Moore (Carl von Linne). Shaw and Moore both expressed their commitment to improving our local schools. Following election night on April 22, both candidates have scored a seat on the LSC! Congratulations, Sara and Lucia! And a huge thank you to everyone who came out and voted; the voter turnout showed that more of us are getting involved! We look forward to working alongside our new LSC members on future projects.


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