The next Avondale Neighborhood Association meeting will be held on Monday, May 16th, 2016 at 7 pm at St. Hyacinth Basilica’s Resurrection Hall, 3636 W. Wolfram, Chicago, IL 60618.

Parking can be accessed from George St. one-half block west of Central Park Ave., and two blocks north of Diversey Ave.

At this meeting we will have a zoning presentation for the following addresses:

2819 W Belmont: Proposal for a 5 story, 56 unit building with retail on the first floor.

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  1. Jeremy Brizzi Reply


    Is there a way to find out what businesses and upcoming projects have been proposed, as well as how we can go about supporting or rejecting a project?

    We are in strong support of the gentrification we see coming like a wave up Milwaukee Ave and want to do our part to support new quality business that are focused on continually improving the LOGAN Square and Avondale neighborhoods.

    We want to avoid businesses who do not share a vision for our future and that do not reflect the ever-increasing quality of the establishments coming our way.

    We also want to support helping improve the community with a focus on cleaner, quieter, and safer streets, as well as to promote a culture of fitness.

    People need to learn to respect this community for what it can become and to stop linking culture to affluence. We support all cultures but feel like there is a disconnect between what that means as so many try to incorrectly link it to race. In this neighborhood, where things can develop and be of an extremely high quality or value without diminishing the roots from which the vision is born. No more Graphitti, boarded up buildings, violence, or lack of respect for neighbors, it is time to embrace a harmonious civilization that reflects the direction of the city.

    • Emily Taylor Reply

      Hey Jeremy- Potential zoning changes will be presented at our meetings (3rd Monday of each month) and residents can ask questions and express their opinions on the project there. Often it is difficult to understand what each zoning change means without being a part of the conversation, hearing neighbors concerns and developers answers to questions- we would love for you to attend and hear your views of the projects.

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