Earlier this year, the 35th Ward had the opportunity to decide how to spend $1 million in infrastructure improvements. Due to your votes, Nixon elementary school will now have a new playground, the 2200 N Lowell/Kedvale will have new alley aprons and will be resurfaced, and new lighting will be installed at N. Hamlin from W. Sunnyside to Lawrence in Albany Park. These are only a few of the projects that won. We are starting our participatory budgeting cycle 2 idea collection and need your assistance.

Participatory Budgeting is your opportunity to submit ideas and vote on how to improvement our 35th ward. We want to hear from you.

Tell us, what alleys need to be resurfaced, where speed humps are needed, or which street light poles need to be painted.

The money can be spend on the following improvements:

-residential street or alley resurfacing
-green alley program
-alley or street speed hump
-alley aprons
-sidewalk replacement
-Curb and gutter replacement
-residential street cul-de-sac
-residential street traffic circle
-street or traffic light pole painting
-street light upgrades
-arterial street lighting installation
-LED traffic signal upgrades
-pedestrian countdown signal
-protected bike lane

We look forward to hearing from you.

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